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This site is for UK Tattoo enthusiasts and Tattoo Artists. Whether you are thinking about getting your first Tattoo or are already well and truly Hooked this place is for you.

We aim to bring the Tattoo Artists and the public together, Take Tattooing away from the old image of backstreet Studios. Nowadays somewhere close to 35% of the adult population have a Tattoo. It is no longer the domain of the Sailor or prison inmate! Thanks to the local councils for the registration of Tattoo artists the image is being cleaned up. The fear of unhygienic needles and poor customer satifaction are well and truly on the demise.

Tattooed Girl

Tattoo-Ideas aims at being a local UK resource getting a great Tattoo Artist. We hope to be able to list local Tattoo artists close to you and put up their designs and give you all the information that you need to make the leap and get that great Tattoo!!

While you are here, If you have a Tattoo or know of a great Tattoo artist who really deserves some recognition for his Art, Please list the Artist in our Forum. This is so that other may get the opportunity to enjoy great Tattoos too.

Tattoo design Ideas

Please visit our Gallery and place up any images of Tattoos or designs that you would like to share.Also if you are looking at getting a great custom design, Why not post your request in the forums and see what our Artist and members can do for you!!

Enjoy our site and I hope to see you in our Forums or Gallery Area.